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Films Oiseau de nuit is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote your audiovisual project to contribute to a better world.

We advocate self-transcendence and self-fulfilment, discovery and curiosity, as well as creativity and innovation.

We believe that if everyone did what they are passionate about, our community would be much more scalable. 

So to you who reads us, we can help you contribute to an ideal world by giving you the tools to communicate your message.

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Find inspiration!


Eve Lachapelle,
owner of 
Trotte zone

Do not hesitate...

just for the experience and the meetings it's worth it!

Caroline Girard, 
owner of
Chromatik le Salon

Fantastic support, exceptional follow-up and ultra professional rendering!


Francois Ouellette,
band drummer
Born From Fire

We are really satisfied with the work that Mimi did, it meant that a lot of people we didn't know came to thank us for the great musical discovery!


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