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Films Oiseau de nuit is an audiovisual NPO based in Bromont since 2015, founded by Mimi and Maryse Tremblay. The OBNL creates travel and discovery feature films with motivational and persevering storytelling and creates TV shows about inspiring entrepreneurs from all fields as well as networking activities that encourage partnership. The team also specializes through the high school conference on entrepreneurship incentives.

Mission and mandate


For purely artistic, cultural and social purposes, Films Oiseau de nuit's mission is to inspire Quebecers and its public to flourish and be happy by the realization of their dreams and passions through the creation of audiovisual artistic works. .

Team and bios


Mimi Tremblay

Artistic Director

Maryse Tremblay

Executive management

Emilie Dafa

Executive Assistant

Mimi Tremblay

Artistic Director

Holder of a DEC in Theater and Cinema, as well as two Certificates: in Cinematographic Screenwriting and Literary Creation at UQÀM, she is recognized by her peers for her versatility. Over the years, Mimi has acquired skills in several fields of cinematographic professions, from scriptwriting to directing, from image capture to editing and much more! Having occupied roles of researcher, animator, director and screenwriter, Mimi takes advantage of this plurality of visions which allows her to have one of the most inspired artistic direction.

Maryse Tremblay

Executive management

Holder of a master's degree in project management from UQAM and a DESS in management of cultural organizations from HEC Montréal, Maryse has been working in the cultural sector for over ten years. She has acted as administrative assistant for several performing arts companies: Satellite theater, Les mots s'animent, Nadères arts vivant and Regroupement du histoire au Québec. She also sits on the Board of Directors of Cenne, where she carried out the strategic planning project in 2016. For several years, she has specialized in the funding of cultural organizations and more particularly in the creation of fruitful partnerships between the community. arts and business.

Emilie Dafa

Executive Assistant

Graduated in 2018 for a master's degree in project management and holding a bachelor's degree in administration with an international management profile, Émilie worked from the start with Films Oiseau de nuit for the launch of the film NOMADES and is currently working on the event 'Sur Son X 'as an assistant to the management.



A Grand Première event in concept of a pandemic ...

The travel and tourism industry has probably been the hardest hit by the pandemic. But the Night Bird Films team is confident it will restart soon.

Even better, Night Bird Films can take people on a journey from the comfort of their living room.

The truth is, we were lucky. Of course, the last shoot for AURORA was cut by 1 month and we had to adjust with the starting script, which was to include Brazil and Uruguay.

Films Night Bird usually hosts public events for the Premieres of each of the films. Obviously, the risk was too great to host an event in 2020, but we hosted a live event, which had a very nice response.




New Blog (2020): 38

Youtube: 32

Obviously, still expanding!

The challenge series 10 travel films around the world



NOMADES, 35 jours aux États-Unis (2017)

The first of the ten adventures of the Night Bird Films, NOMADES is an American roadtrip that will make you discover breathtaking landscapes. A country full of contrasts, with its protected national parks and oversized big cities, the United States has seen the birth of marginal movements and inspiring entrepreneurs who seek to live their lives differently. Nomads will take you not only to see the country, to experience an adventure on the road, but to reflect on renewable energies and on simple or grandiose ways to change the world ... and to change yourself!

Available online for rent for $ 4.99


REPÈRES, how to become a Canadian Ambassador in 4 journeys (2018)

After a first trip to the United States, the director felt a need to anchor herself, to identify herself, in short to belong to her own country. Travel the world and discover other countries of course, but isn't the essence of travel part of the exchange? What did she have to offer this Other whom she was going to meet on the way? Before setting out to meet the people and communities of the planet, we had to go back to our roots. At the end of a journey through the 10 provinces and three territories, Mimi will finally know how to express her identity - or her identities, thanks to the scattered fragments gathered in her film. Repères aims to be a collection, a quilt, a composition full of contrasts of the great country we inhabit and which inhabit us.

Available online for rent for $ 4.99


AURORA, South America, a well-kept secret ... (2020)

The director of Films Night Bird this time documents South America: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. It is with a new heart, inspired by the rediscovery of herself and her origins that she is finally ready to learn on this mysterious continent. Exploring the theme of prejudice and fear of the unknown through the history of this continent, she brings back with her incredible encounters and surreal images; a new idea of what South America is, beyond popular doubts. A well-kept secret ... unveiled.

Available online for rent for $ 25


Black Sea Tour (working title) (2022)

Currently in pre-production!

Current promotion: make a donation and watch all the films in the series for free.

TV series and Sur Son X event


the team wanted to surround themselves with people who live off their passion and who are inspiring. The SUR SON X project, in collaboration with MAtv Granby, was born out of this desire to create fruitful and inspiring partnerships in the Brome-Missisquoi region. This project seeks to put forward, via a TV series broadcast on MaTv Granby, several entrepreneurs in the region who have followed their dreams. More than just a series, however, the SUR SON X project also aims to develop the entrepreneurial spirit and bring together inspiring entrepreneurs in the region by pairing them up during the series and bringing them together around a creative event. The concept is simple and fun for entrepreneurs: Two entrepreneurs meet face to face, and face the camera. The aim is to introduce others to their world, as well as to the viewer, in a creative and exciting way. The discussion ends with a small challenge that inspires future partnerships: in 5 minutes, they have to create a new fictitious company from their companies by finding a concept, a name, a logo, a slogan. In addition to giggles guaranteed, we test their brainstorming skills. To celebrate the end of the show season, Films Oiseau de nuit came up with the idea of organizing a networking event that would mirror television shows. The company brought together these passionate entrepreneurs from all over the Brome-Missisquoi region, around a creative and motivating game to expand partnerships. In the style of `` express evening '' (speed dating), where Films Oiseau de nuit has meticulously associated companies likely to create a partnership later, the entrepreneurs discuss their passions. The energy during this evening is incomparable to other existing networking activities. The marketing of the event being based on innovation, play and the opportunity for new partnerships, Films Oiseau de nuit has succeeded in bringing together about sixty passionate entrepreneurs.


Conférence Films Oiseau de nuit CSM2018

The team also specializes through the high school conference on entrepreneurship incentives. We are proud to announce our partnership with the brand new company Destidocs, which has the same vision as Films Oiseau de nuit regarding the distribution method and which will give us great support in the promotion of our films and in the research of conferences. . We rely on lectures backed by professional-quality short films with inspiring content that will engage high school kids born in the age of social media. Night Bird Films conferences are rewarding activities that make you dream. In addition to talking about travel, the best way to escape, Mimi Tremblay also talks about her entrepreneurial journey. Suddenly his speech inspires anyone to do what their instinct tells them to do. It is also an interesting exchange because the pupils are encouraged to come and speak and tell their classmates and teachers what their biggest dreams are.

New blog


"The Hidden Face of the Moon" tells the story of the travel filming. We learn everything about filming and the world at the same time! By registering, you receive a free E-Book: "How to make money and time when traveling".



The love for music of artistic director Mimi Tremblay has led her to highlight emerging Quebec musicians in all of her feature films.

Singer-songwriter in our soundtrack

Downloadable files


Downloadable files

The love for music of artistic director Mimi Tremblay has led her to highlight emerging Quebec musicians in all of her feature films.

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