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Becoming self-employed or an entrepreneur requires support in its early stages and today, in our world circulating around social media, you want your visual to be impeccable!

Films Oiseau de nuit was looking for a way to create a community of independent workers and entrepreneurs who had the same ambitions: enthusiasts who want to surround themselves with people like them.

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Films Oiseau de nuit is registered as an NPO with the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec with the number 712442524 RC0001 

All your donations are redistributed in our activities and we thank you for your usual support!

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Video capture and editing

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Audiovisual content for social media (photos, videos)
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Project Sur Son X

The goal of the project was to find a new way to network. Why find a new way of networking for entrepreneurs? Because let's face it, the 5 to 7, when we give our business card to about fifty people, where we have 1 minute or less to “pitch” our project, it's so ephemeral! With the Sur Son X project, we take the time to communicate. Films Oiseau de nuit takes the time to partner with a self-employed worker or a contractor who has a potential partnership outlet with your project. Our mindset has always been this: we reach out one person at a time, and that contact is, at the end of the day, much stronger, and much more inspiring. 

Logo trotte zone

`` Do not hesitate ... just for the experience and the meetings it is worth it! ''

-Trotte zone, Stukely-sud, Quebec

Logo Bistro Beauté

What a great experience it was to work with Mimi Tremblay for this great project!
Thank you again for choosing my company and for allowing me to experience these wonderful encounters with committed and inspiring entrepreneurs.
This confirms to me that I am indeed on MY X :) ''
-Bistro Beauté, Granby, Quebec


The concept is simple and fun: Two entrepreneurs meet face to face, and face the camera . Each in turn, the goal is to introduce his world to the other entrepreneur, as well as to the viewer in a creative and exciting way . The discussion ends with a small challenge that inspires future partnerships: in 5 minutes, you have to create a new fictitious company from your two companies by finding a concept, a name, a logo, a slogan. In addition to laughter guaranteed, we test your brainstorming skills.

The whole being filmed, it gives a very authentic way to tell others about your project and to promote it. This ten-minute interview (per entrepreneur) is then used for several purposes: 1 program of 28 minutes, 1 promotional clip of 1 to 2 minutes, photos, and the possibility of being shown on local television! *

* For the moment, this possibility is only for self-employed workers and entrepreneurs in the Brome-Missisquoi region.

see the 40 entrepreneurs and self-employed workers who have already contributed to the project

Yellowstone National Park

As an entrepreneur, you will be proud to say that you have contributed to the mission of the Sur Son X project: to inspire people to follow in your footsteps and do the job they love!