We are an non-profit organization since 2015 based in Bromont, Qc, Canada 

Films Oiseau de nuit, it is first of all our dream:
a series of 10 travel films around the world

↠Our Mission: To create a community of dedicated and passionate people who advocate self-discovery and discovery of the others for a more open and peaceful world
#To inspire you to live your dreams

↠Films Oiseau de nuit is the dream of a filmmaker and traveler, Mimi Tremblay, wishing to make her two greatest passions a career.
"In 2015, I needed a major project. Something big, that would motivate me to get up in the morning. ''
''You know what I mean ? I had been working in the TV and video business for a few years, traveling to Canada, the United States, Australia, Fiji, Peru, Costa Rica; then, I decided that it was time to set up my great dream of going around the world; and why not, while there, to share my discoveries, to promote exchange and to openning minds; the idea appeared: I was going to combine the two! "
It was a start. Her sister Maryse Tremblay was immediately enthusiastic about the project. She becomes the Producer and General Manager of the project to make it grow. Graduate and expert in everything related to project management in the arts, she saw the opportunity to give birth to a new concept in the current market. Create a product that was aimed at Millennials, or at least young at heart. A dynamic product that gives the taste to do what we love in life.
Mimi continues:
"When I talk about the Night Bird Films project, people often say to me, '' You're so lucky ''! But lucky of what? Because it's not like I won the lottery, or as if the project was already made by itself! We work really hard! It's been a long time that I'm thinking about it, because people have been saying that for a long time about me and my projects. Since high school, I'm not afraid to make choices based on what I really like and not what others would like me to do! In reality,
"I realized that people find me lucky to have found what motivated me in life, or, simply, to have the guts! ''
For me, doing what I love in life is a matter of life and death. Not physically, do not worry ... I mean, psychologically. ''
"What I really like to do is share my life experience, because together we open our minds and evolve."
"I chose to make you think by telling my story, because the best stories are self-evident, any writer would tell you that. The Seventh Art is the most modern way of telling, and that's why I chose cinema as a medium instead of a novel. Travel is the fastest way to release tension today, it's the fashionable way to get out tensions. ''
"Doing what you love in life is like Love. You feel butterflies in your belly every time you think about it. Because by loving what you do, you love yourself too, and that gives you even more confidence in you! "
"I made it because I listened to my heart, and with passion and perseverance, we always reach our goals! That's what it means, '' Inspire you to make your dreams come true by making travelling movies! ''

 Will the new Phileas Fogg take up the challenge?

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