We are an non-profit organization since 2015 based in Bromont, Qc, Canada 

Films Oiseau de nuit, it is first of all our dream:
a series of 10 travel films around the world

↠Our Mission: For purely artistic, cultural and social purposes, Films Oiseau de nuit's mission is to inspire Quebecers and their audiences to flourish and be happy by the realization of their dreams and passions through the creation of audiovisual artistic works.

The idea for Films Oiseau de nuit started with Mimi Tremblay, a filmmaker, but more particularly a screenwriter training. As an artist, writing has always fascinated him. The seventh art is the most modern way of telling and that's why she chose the cinema as medium instead of the novel. Instinctively, when she started her CEGEP in 2004, she believed that in our society based more and more on the media, that she would necessarily target more individuals in this way. She always had this need to share with people what she was going through and how she was living it, because she always fought to achieve what she was really passionate about. She never ceases to worry about the fact that some people experience boredom on a daily basis and the fear of doing what they really want to do. The truth is, most people live this way, accepting with hunched shoulders the mold our society wants us to be. The real reality is that everyone is entitled to financial abundance while practicing a profession they are passionate about. The path is not easy, but if we believe in ourselves, the doors will open before us. 

After 5 years in the audiovisual industry on a slightly more contractual basis, Mimi was ready for an even greater challenge, that of getting into feature films. She was planning, in 2014, a way to tell her story, a way to hook an audience. Travel had always been the school of life for her since 2008. Traveling was also becoming more and more popular, also with social media as a means of communication, the expansion of this way of life was becoming inevitable. Since all good stories start from themselves, she decided to combine her passion for travel and cinema by actively participating in the realization of the Night Bird Films mission.

His sister Maryse Tremblay was immediately enthusiastic about the project. She becomes the producer and general manager of the project to make it grow. Graduated and expert in everything related to project management in the arts, she saw the opportunity to give birth to a new concept in the current market. Create a product aimed at 15-30 year olds, or at least the young at heart. A dynamic product that makes you want to do what you love in life.

Films Oiseau de nuit was finally born in Bromont in 2015 with the mission of creating a community of fulfilled and passionate people who advocate the discovery of oneself and others for a more open and peaceful world. The NPO believes it can do this by inspiring people to make a living from what they are passionate about. The company has several ways to do this, but the first is to lead by example.

The OBNL has the challenge of making 10 travel films around the world, to show that with perseverance, we always achieve our goals. The company is now in 2020-2021 planning its fourth feature film.

Will the new Phileas Fogg rise to the challenge?

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