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5 documentaries to see that invite you to travel near you!

With the Oscars ceremony last weekend, I can't help but add to my list a "trophy" of new films to see: Moonlight, La La Land, Fences, Ma vie de Courgette, Lion, I Am Not Your Negro and White Helmets. I saw Hidden Figures two weeks ago and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in December and I READ IT! For the film critic that I am, that is saying a lot! I also try to be on the lookout for the latest releases in travel documentaries (or any movie that makes you dream of adventure, just to let me see the world at a low price!). Personally, when I think of "film that invites you to travel", I immediately think of the very first film that marked me as a teenager: The Spanish Inn by Cédric Klapisch (2002). This film, which I have seen, reviewed and re-seen, wanting to share it with all my friends - and even with my students in CEGEP !, still upsets me as much every time. If, at the beginning, it touched me because it made me want to travel and see the world terribly, it still moves me today because so many scenes remind me of my own Spanish peregrinations: improbable encounters that do not When traveling, there are linguistic clumsiness between strangers and, above all, the intoxication one feels when one has nothing to prove to anyone and everything to discover. Anyway, if you haven't seen it, start with this one!

Over the past few months, I have seen trailers of fascinating travel documentaries on social media. Each time, I tell myself that I'll write it down and poof !, I can't remember the next day. For this reason, I have made a list in which I present to you 5 documentaries that are showing (or coming out very soon) in a movie theater near you (or that are directly available online).

1. Given

Originally titled The Goodwin Project, Given is the story of a Hawaiian couple who leave their island, Kauai, to pass on a precious family heirloom to their son. Parents, Aamion and Daize Goodwin (both surf stars) travel 15 countries, accompanied by their son who grows up having the world as his playground. The film that has been waiting no less than 5 years since its release. announcement finally comes out this month! The OuiSurf team organized two screenings of the documentary, one in Montreal on February 23 and one in Quebec City on March 2 (both performances were sold out!). From March 4, you will be able to download Given on Itunes!

2. Norvège: Au pays des Trolls

Who has not dreamed of seeing Norway with its northern lights, majestic mountains and welcoming people? The documentary by Mélissa Vincelli and David Guillemette (Wats Films) shows off the incomparable wild beauty of Norway. Whether it's the fjords, mountains, glaciers, wildlife or Viking remains that interest you, you won't be hungry for more! In a country where the high cost of living is enough to ruin novice travelers, it is best to follow the various alternatives offered by the directors in terms of transport, accommodation, food and activities. Norway: In the Land of Trolls is showing in a cinema near you throughout March and early April (it is part of the 2016-2017 Aventuriers Voyageurs program). To see the film and have the chance to meet the directors as part of a cine-conference, meet at the Cinéma Capitol (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu) on March 29 or at the Cinéma Beaubien on April 9.

3. L’invasion américaine

In the American Invasion, the irreverent Michael Moore leaves his good ol 'United States of America (' Murica!) To make a full 'invasion' of the world (flag included). True to himself, the famous librarian serves a scathing criticism of his nation's leaders by showing how countries with progressive social policies fare better than the United States. Aside from the social criticism of the film, Moore highlights corners of the world where it is good to live in particular thanks to paid vacations, free university for all, an optimal education system, a judicial system based on rehabilitation, etc. . Either way, the American Invasion won't make you suddenly want to share photos of fabulous landscapes on Instagram (#voyager, #tourdumonde, #inspiration, #wanderlust), but it will teach you more about cultures, mentalities and exemplary social models.

4. Bella Italia

For the more traditional, I recommend Bella Italia, a foray at the foot of the Alps, from the great lakes of the North to the Veneto. The delightful documentary is part of the 2016-2017 program of the Grands Explorateurs. Why this documentary more than another? I admit that here it is a personal bias; I have had the great fortune to spend two summers in Italy and it is by far the most charming country I have ever lived. When you go on a trip, you may want to get rid of preconceived ideas of a country or a people, but Italian stereotypes die hard. The cuisine, the culture, the way of life, the landscapes… everything seems straight out of a postcard!

5. Demain

Tomorrow, a French documentary by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent (which you will have seen in Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds) will delight travelers and activists who care about the survival of our planet. Worried about the possible disappearance of part of humanity by 2100 after reading an alarming study, the two directors set off in search of answers as to what could cause this disaster and seek solutions to avoid the worst. During their travels in 10 countries, they meet pioneers who are reinventing (and saving) the world one day at a time. Good viewing!

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