A travel film in which you are the hero

Authentic tailor-made travel offer!

We are specialists in travel planning and we offer you to organize a trip where you will be filmed.

Enjoying being in front of a camera and enjoying speaking in front of a camera;
Online broadcasting;
No last minute support;
Mandatory meeting.

If travel planning is exhausting you, let us do the work! Do you like going on a trip and enjoying the moment and not having to take photos or videos? We also love to hear your travel ideas. If you like to plan your destinations better on your own and only have someone to film and take pictures, anything is possible.
Make this trip truly unforgettable!

video montage of a trip

If you have photos and videos of a trip you took, it would be our pleasure to video edit it so efficiently with custom titling! 


Tips and tricks, filming adventures and misadventures!

For self-taught and curious travelers, this is how the reality of travel filming goes. Blog written by a Quebec entrepreneur filmmaker.