Laguna Colorada Bolivie

Mimi Tremblay

Co-founder, Artistic Director and Director

To briefly summarize her career, she holds a DEC in Theater and Cinema completed in 2007, as well as two Certificates: in Cinematographic Screenwriting and Literary Creation at UQÀM, obtained in 2008 and 2009. She then received private training. for the DSLR camera type in 2014 and participated two years in a row in the Young Volunteers program to learn the art of being an entrepreneur. She founded her own audiovisual company in 2015, Films Oiseau de nuit. She is recognized by her peers for her versatility. Over the years, she has acquired skills in several fields of cinematographic professions, from scriptwriting to directing, from image capture to editing; held the roles of researcher, facilitator and event planner. She takes advantage of this plurality of visions which allows her to have an artistic direction of the most inspired.


Mimi Tremblay Films Oiseau de nuit