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The Crew

These are the night owls

(In reality we are rather early birds...)

Frequently Asked Question #4: Why the name Night Owl Movies?

Night Owl Movies, it's not because I go to bed late, far from it, I'm more of an Early Bird, but for me, it was a symbol of marginality: someone called a Night Owl is automatically associated with the difference. When I started the project, I wanted to do something different, out of the ordinary. There is also the symbol of the bird which is associated with freedom, and when I started the project it was to follow my dreams, to be free, and to inspire others to do the same.

Mimi Tremblay

Co-founder, producer,
artistic director and director


Crédit photo ''24 pattes''

''Entrepreneurial filmmaker since 2013, I hold a DEC in Theater and Cinema completed in 2007, as well as two Certificates: in Cinematographic Scriptwriting and Literary Creation at UQÀM, obtained in 2008 and 2009. I consider video production and video editing as an advanced form of writing. 
I then received private training for the type of DSLR camera in 2014 and two years in a row won the grant from the Young Volunteers program to learn the art of being an entrepreneur and starting a business.
I founded my own audiovisual NPO in 2015, Films Oiseau de nuit, whose mission is to inspire people to live from their passions. From this mission came my devotion to business start-up, because I created the TV show Le Projet Sur Son X, where I interview passionate entrepreneurs in business start-ups, to inspire others to follow. their footsteps and also doing the job they love. My personal project is the challenge that I gave myself to make 10 documentary films of travel around the world, I show the example to my public that with perseverance, we always arrive at our goals, to inspire them too do the same to live their dreams.
I am recognized by my peers for my versatility. Over the years, I have acquired skills in several fields of cinematographic professions: from scriptwriting to video production, from directing to video editing. My daily tasks also affect the role of researcher, host and event planner or filming schedule.
I take advantage of this plurality of visions which allows me to have a most inspired artistic direction.

Whether in business start-up, for video production, video editing or travel videos, I accompany you towards the audiovisual success of your project!
I have always been invited to explore all kinds of fields: from sport to theatre, from music to writing... it was finally cinema that caught my attention. I thought it was the perfect artistic alliance... audiovisual isn't called the 7th art for nothing! It includes all forms of art and it was for me the most relevant choice of medium to express myself and share what I had learned from life.''

Michaël Perrault

Technical Director and Production Logistics

Since 2019 for the filming of AURORA, Michaël has been planning the reservations of accommodation and transport during the filming of the films and provides support for the organization's marketing and visibility.


Thanks also to these people for having established a solid foundation for the project.

Maryse Tremblay Films Oiseau de nuit

Maryse Tremblay

Co-founder and board member

Holder of a master's degree in project management from UQAM and a DESS in management of cultural organizations from HEC Montréal, Maryse has been working in the cultural sector for ten years. She has acted as an administrative assistant for several performing arts companies: Satellite theater, Les mots s'animent, Nadères arts vivant and the Regroupement du histoire au Québec. She also sits on the Board of Directors of Cenne, where she carried out the strategic planning project in 2016. For several years, she has specialized in the funding of cultural organizations and more particularly in the creation of fruitful partnerships between the community. arts and business.

We thank all the people who have collaborated with us in the past:

Émilie Dafa Films Oiseau de nuit

Emily Dafa
Bedard Perron

Émilie worked from the beginning with Films Oiseau de nuit for the launch of the film NOMADES and helped organize the Sur Son X event in 2019.

maryse berubé photo.jpg

Maryse Berube

Social networks 2021-2022
Design Royal

Tobi Rodrigue

Tobi Rodrigue

Board member 2021-2022

​Céline Miron  Propriétaire de l'Académie Ho'o Wow 

Celine Miron

Board member 2021-2022

Francine Dubuc

Francine Dubuc

Board member 2021-2022

Elizabeth Plante


Communications, Social Media and Broadcasting for NOMADES and REPÈRES

Maxime Dumas Landry


Coordinator of events, strategic planning and dissemination for REPÈRES

Darcie Danesh


Communications, Social Media and Broadcasting for REPÈRES



Contractual Editor



Communications, Social Media and Broadcasting for NOMADES

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