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Narrated by Mimi Tremblay, co-founder of the project
How did this story start?!
I found in my souvenir boxes from when I was a child, drawings stitched together, they looked like barbels. In the back, my mother had written what each drawing meant. I was writing stories before I even knew how to write!
Life has led me to practice several artistic disciplines. Theater, music, and a little later in my life, at Cégep, I opted for a double DEC in Arts and Literature in Cinema and Theater / Music. It seemed logical to me to follow my passion.
I will always remember my first introduction to cinema with the famous Patrick Sénécal. In the past, he adapted ''5150 rue des Ormes'' for the screen and showed us what a screenplay looked like. In my head, it clicked. That's exactly what I need to do! Write movies!
I've always written stories and even have an apocalyptic trilogy on hold at the moment. Except that writing novels, publishing them, doing book fairs… It never seemed very attractive to me. When I finished my two certificates at the university (Cinematographic Screenwriting and Literary Creations) in 2009, I saw that I had opted for the right choice. The seventh art then became the most modern way of telling…
Being self-employed has brought me interesting challenges, up to my ambitions.
After 5 years in the audiovisual industry in a slightly more contractual way, having traveled to Australia for 1 year and also to Western Canada, Costa Rica, Peru and the Fiji Islands, all these experiences and opportunities were slowly taking me to dive into the world of entrepreneurship. One day, frustrated by my many side jobs to help me pay for groceries, and in which I never felt professionally fulfilled for several reasons, my sister said to me: ''But if you're not happy working for someone, why don't you create your own company?''
In my head, it clicked again. The next day, I challenged myself to make 10 travel films around the world! With the help of my sister Maryse, we opened the NPO Films Oiseau de nuit to help me realize my dream.
Films Oiseau de nuit was finally born in Bromont in 2014 with the mission of supporting the development and influence of start-up companies and emerging artists in a creative and distinctive way.
I believe I have overcome a major challenge with this NPO. Pages and pages must be written to recount the past 8 years on this journey as President, Filmmaker, Producer, Event Planner, Social Media Manager, etc! I met inspiring entrepreneurs with the creation of the program Sur Son X, entrepreneurial program, which forced me to ask myself the question every day if I was on the right track. I have met business partners with a heart on their sleeves to whom I am enormously grateful. I discovered human generosity, I had the opportunity to learn something new every day and in all areas. I tried new ways, I succeeded, I also failed, a few times! But above all… I evolved!
Life brings me exactly where I need to be (nod to Sur Son X), I dive again, but this time, in the universe of true nomadism. That's right. After four feature films, my boyfriend and I decided to sell all our possessions. To sell our apartment, sell our car. All! We will go according to our intuition and according to the opportunities, of course, all this with one and only goal on my side… to finish my series-challenge around the world! That's how I'm passionate!
After all this entrepreneurial adventure, I am closing the NPO precisely to free myself from administrative constraints and devote myself to content. In my head, FODN is not over, the adventure has only just begun! I invite you to follow us to follow the evolution of all this. Thank you for your interest in my project.

Let's meet somewhere around the world?

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